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 - Bob Parks, Chairman & Founder

Course Objectives

NINJA Installation

The Installation includes:

New Information - especially on pricing, negotiation, and “games of life”.  Ninja is created by top REALTORS® at The Group, Inc., a real live real estate company in Colorado plus other Ninjas around the country.  Ninja is dynamic not static.  It is constantly evolving to meet current market conditions and is the most relevant real estate training in the industry.

The complete, integrated system - rather than just the various pieces.  Ninjas who have taken Ninja classes and then taken the Ninja Installation comment, “Now I really get it!  I feel like I have the whole system,
not just the parts.  And I see how they all work together.”

Skills - There is a big difference between knowledge and skills.  Skill is the ability to put knowledge into action.  Other Ninja classes teach knowledge; the Ninja Installation develops skills.

Cost includes the Installation kit, course instruction with daily breakfast & lunches and snacks provided by Legacy Home Loans and Solomon|Parks Title & Escrow.

  • ​Increase your income per hour so you can have a life!
  • Help you properly set goals and program your non-conscious mind for success.
  • Install a sales system that gives you predictable results.
  • Install a step-by-step process that helps borrowers make good "balanced brain" decisions.
  • Install a system that generates a continuous flow of customers coming to you.

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